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Is it Halloween yet?

Hey Ya’ll,

I don’t know about you, but after the last pop of Fourth of July fireworks goes off, it’s officially Halloween time. I grew up in a family that had carnivals, handmade costumes, and more spooky decorations in the garage than there were Christmas decorations. Saying that halloween time is my absolute favorite time of the year would be a MAJOR understatement. Heck, I even got married a week away from the 31st of October… (don’t worry, there were no skeletons at the reception.) I crave fall time, and I thrive in it.

My mama took a picture of each of us like this every year.

That being said, I’m already knee deep in Martha Stewart living youtube videos, and Decker’s halloween costume. I have made my own halloween costumes (with help from my mama) for probably 8 years, maybe more. I think up of what I want to be November 1st so that I can have plenty of time to plan and prepare for all of the whimsical ideas that go through my head. Having a husband to drag along this year has been really fun. He’s totally up for the challenge, and already put his two cents into who we can go as.

Me as Dorothy and Leanna, my sister, as The Good Witch. I think this was in 97 or 98?



I thought it would be fun to take ya’ll along on all of my Halloween adventures, and keep you up to date on all of the fun things we plan for the next couple months for halloween! (among other things of course) What would you like to see?
Costume Updates or Ideas? Party planning? Decor? check back here to see all I post for my favorite holiday!


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